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Stylish and Colorful Hard Front Wigs for the Fall Season

Autumn/Spring calls for flawless hair to pair up with cozy apparel and smoky makeup. Warm honey blonde, caramel brown, violet red, burgundy, orange, lavender, midnight blue- you name it. All these beautiful hair colors look stunning to rock the fall season.

When combined with beautiful bangs, layers, or face-framing hairstyles, these colors make the ultimate favorite and durable hard-front wigs.

What Are Hard Front Wigs?

Hard front wigs do not have delicate lace fabric in the front to mimic natural hairline as these wigs have bangs or layers in front to cover the hairline. Some hard-front wigs are machine-made and have tough hairlines, which gives off an unrealistic look.

Are Hard Front Wigs Better than Lace Front Wigs?

To be honest, both have their own perks. Lace front wigs provide a natural-looking hairline and central parting because hair strands in these wigs are hand-tied to the base. On the other hand, hard front wigs are often machine-made but offer more durability than lace front wigs.

Applying adhesive to the lace front also damages the frontal part soon, whereas a hard front wig can last longer for there is no need to add glue on the front. You can trim the hard front wig from the inside in order to soften it up a little bit. So, if you prefer durability over natural-looking wigs or require a wig only for aesthetic purposes, go for hard-front wigs.

Popular Hard Front Wigs in Strikingly Beautiful Colors

Not all hard-front wigs are fake-looking. These are a couple of the most trendy hard-front wigs in gorgeous fall shades to make your day. Scroll down and choose your shade if you want to look like a diva.

Creamsicle Dream | Soft Peach Long Wavy Synthetic Wig with Bangs

Featuring adorable orange-peach hues, Creamsicle is the dream of every stylish woman. It offers waist-length wavy hair that sits beautifully on the crown and looks like you are wearing a tangy cloud above your head. The skin base cap provides a comfortable wig-wearing experience while the front bangs hide the non-lace front hairline beautifully.

The hair is slightly wavy in texture, gives a voluminous head for aesthetic purposes, and hides hair loss.

Amphitrite| Blue Ombre Wavy Synthetic Wig

Featuring three gorgeous shades of blue, Amphitire is royalty in itself. It’s a deep blue ombre wig reminding you of ocean waves and the serenity of the sea. The wavy structure also resembles the deep sea waves, providing a soothing effect. Wear this wig and look like a sea goddess at your upcoming Cosplay party.

The wig offers a hair density of approximately 130% with 18 inches length, which is ideal for creating multiple hairstyles.

Cotton Candy Swirl | Half Pink Half Purple Synthetic Wig with Bangs

Love the carnival, candies, and unicorns? Cotton candy is a delight to look at for those who love everything purple and pink. It’s a beautiful wig that equally suits teenage girls and women, providing a chance to create pretty looks every day.

The wig further features straight half pink half purple hair and front bangs to cover the non-lace front hairline. The hair strands are made of high-quality heat-friendly synthetic fiber.

Cruella | Half Silver and Half Black Long Straight Synthetic Wig

With half jet black hair on one side and half silver-white on the other, Cruella is an ultimate source of boldness and sophistication. It’s an unusual wig that allows the user to create dimensional hairstyles and achieve flawless Cosplay looks. The transitioning black and silver beautifully complement each other, giving the wearer an extra shot of confidence and class.

The base cap is of skin-like material, which gives a superior wig-wearing experience against the scalp. Central parting looks natural due to skin base, while the bangs provide full coverage to the non-lace front hairline. It’s a beautiful and durable hard-front wig.

Cherry Cordial | Red Chunky Highlight Straight Synthetic Wig with Bangs

For an extra festive and dramatic look, go for a cherry cordial. The synthetic wig features front red face-framing bangs and layers with a jet black base, allowing you to create inspiring looks. Whether it’s an upcoming Cosplay party or your next Halloween look, this wig is at your service.

The wig will look exceptionally well with Halloween makeup and anime looks. The skin part base provides a natural-looking hairline from above.

Fawn | Blonde Balayage Long Natural Wave Synthetic Wig

For sophisticated women, the fawn is an ideal choice. It features wavy textured hair in caramel brown, honey, and blonde shades. The three distinct yet well-blended shades offer sheer elegance to the wearer.

Slightly wavy synthetic hair is heat-friendly and can be styled to perfection with the help of heating tools. It’s a durable hard-front wig.

Ginger Spice | Bright Brown Highlight Long Layered Wavy Synthetic Wig

The brown shade is a perfect reminder of lovely-smelling ginger teas, cakes, and coffee. It’s a versatile wig available in a skin top as well as a lace front wig to help users pick according to their preference.

It gives a salon-inspired shade that is perfect for everyday wear. Be ready to turn heads with this gorgeous hair unit.

Final Word

Hard-front wigs are popular amongst celebrities and influencers who wear wigs only for aesthetic purposes. These wigs provide the ultimate option to up your styling game with the help of numerous striking shades.

UniWigs has crafted more than a dozen premium quality hard front wigs for those who want durability plus a natural finish. You may not get these two elements combined in a hair unit anywhere else.

So, without further a duo, go ahead and check out the trendiest collection of hard front wigs in beautiful autumn/fall shades.

Happy styling!

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