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How To Take Care Of Your Pink Wig?

For everyone who loves some vibrance and funky hair, we are sure they have a pink wig with dark roots in their hair accessories collection. In the start, the pink wig looks perfect and has the most alluring shine, but all is lost in some time due to improper maintenance. So, if you are a pink wig owner, let’s check out the maintenance tips, so you can keep flaunting the pink locks!


When it comes down to maintaining the color and overall appearance of the pink wig, regular toning is important. For this purpose, you can opt for a purple shampoo and conditioner as it helps remove the yellow undertones and brassy tones. So, take out the wig, slurp and rinse in purple shampoo for cleaning the strands and ramping the pink color. After shampooing, leave the conditioner on for a few minutes and rinse everything clean. Once you are done washing, you will be blown away with the bright pink hues.


If you have been using the pink wig for a long time, it’s needless to say that the strands will be dull and screaming for moisture. For this purpose, it’s essential to mask the pink wig and bring back the shine. You can use any mask made for colored hair and treat the wig with some moisture. The masks made for colored hair are designed to retain the color pigment without over-toning. Ensure that you don’t leave the mask in for too long because it can damage the color and mud up the texture.


Washing the wig is essential to remove the buildup. So, if you wear your pink wig regularly, you must clean it once a week or when it starts tangling or get oiling. If you aren’t using too many styling products, once-a-week cleaning is fine but don’t use the shampoos with harsh chemicals and an alcohol base (it’s best to use sulfur-free or other mild shampoos).


Now that you’ve washed, toned, and masked the wig, it’s time we talk about the correct storage method. This is because proper wig storage is vital to retain the texture (nope, you cannot toss it in the drawer, babe!). For this purpose, you can opt for a mannequin head and blocking tape to ensure the lace remains intact and the wig’s texture is maintained. On the other hand, just use a satin bag if you don’t have a mannequin head.


It’s important to use fewer styling products and heat on the pink wigs. For instance, you can opt for air-drying rather than blow-drying. Even if you have to use heat styling products, don’t forget some heat protectant spray. In addition to styling, make sure that you use a wig brush to detangle the strands because the regular hair brushes can cause damage to the wig (you don’t want to lose your pretty pink wig, right?) Remember, ladies, the pink wig isn’t your everyday wig, so use it with precaution!

The Dos & Don’ts Of Pink Wig Maintenance


  • First of all, make sure that you are investing in the right shampoo and conditioner combination because those pink strands need some extra care. The regular shampoos and conditioners aren’t suitable because of the higher chemical percentage, which damages the hair texture of the wig, particular if you are using a synthetic wig
  • Secondly, you have to change the way you wash the wig. To illustrate, you have to soak your wig in the water and shampoo solution and comb it out of the hair. Also, you must use warm water for washing away the hair care products and use the special wig comb to untangle them. As for drying, you must not use hair dryers for drying up the wigs because air-drying is the best way. As far as shampooing is concerned, don’t rub the hair care products because coming will do a fine job
  • If you need to style the wig, don’t watch those DIY videos on YouTube because they will only ruin the hair strands on the wig. Instead, you need to take the wig to a professional because they specialize in styling and taking of the wigs (if you make a wrong cut, the hair ain’t going to grow back). So, make sure you are letting specialists handle the job
  • Whenever the wig isn’t in use, it needs to be properly stored on the hook. In simpler words, the wig needs to be kept in the upright position, promising zero tangling. Not to forget, it needs to be covered to prevent dust buildup


  • You must not use some styling sprays on the wigs because they result in tangling and will eventually become unmanageable. However, these issues happen when you overdo the sprays because a bit of shine spray is fine
  • Heat is the biggest enemy of wigs. When you are using a synthetic wig, make sure that it’s safe from heat (again, the professionals will know the acceptable heating standards, so they will treat your wig accordingly)
  • Make sure you never take a shower while wearing the wig. Besides, you shouldn’t sleep in the wig either because it will result in knots and tangling as you move around during your beauty sleep
  • Whenever you are using the wig, make sure that your natural hair is properly shampooed and conditioned. Remember that using wigs is not your ticket to no-shower days. So, keep your hair clean. Also, when you have to put on the wig, make sure that your natural hair are properly tied (you can use a cap to hide the hair and keep them clean)
  • Make sure that you stay away from the direct sunlight because it can result in fading of the pink color
  • Never wash your wig in the sea water, hot water, and chlorinated water because it can damage the color, vibrancy, and texture

Every woman loves having amazing natural hair because it simply enhances beauty, but wigs work like magic to spruce up your look. So, ladies, take care of your wig to retain its beauty.

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