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With the widespread of Japanese animations and games, Kawaii fashion is becoming more and more popular among young girls. Around the cute as the core, kawaii fashion has developed many different styles. Kawaii girls often have many fine collocations, here are 3 high-quality cute wigs perfect for J-fashion girls!

1. Peach Sorbet Wig

When it comes to Kawaii, how can you miss pink? Peach sorbet in a cute peach pink bob wig with curls and J-fashion’s iconic bangs. You can wear this wig with seifuku(Japan school uniform), lolita, or wear it for cosplay. Wear it and go out to have fun!
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2. Magical Mermaid Wig

Magical Mermaid wig goes for seafoam green hair and fades out to soft mint green, just like the swinging mermaid’s tail in the shimmering green sea. Every J-fashion girl must have a dream of becoming a magical girl, this crisp and fantasy color wig will fulfill your dream!
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3. Barbie Doll Wig

Black long straight hair with a bang is the everlasting trend of J-fashion hairstyle! There are too many classic characters and look of this style and have an indelible position for J-fashion lovers. This barbie doll wig can be cute, be cool, be pure, be sexy, and can be dark, no matter what type of clothing and makeup, it can be perfectly controlled!
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