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How To Easily Clean and Take Care of Your Synthetic Wigs?

Before washing the wig, you must first start from the tip of the hair and comb it upwards gradually, otherwise, the hair may be damaged. The hair must be combed smoothly, and then turn the wig from the inside out.

Take a little shampoo and pour it in. Stir evenly in warm water (about 20°C), then put the wig in warm water. The amount of water should exceed the height of the wig. Soak for 10 minutes. After the shampoo is fully applied to the wig, gently press the wig into the water. After several pressures After that, rinse several times with water in another basin, and then gently wring out the moisture of the wig by hand.

Another step is more important. Make sure to use a conditioner, which will make the wig shine better. It will also protect the hair of the wig. Don’t use too much conditioner. Put the wig in warm water and stir evenly, soak the wig in the stirred water for 10 minutes, rinse twice with water and wring it out. Wrap the wig with a prepared dry towel and gently squeeze out the moisture in the wig. Open the dry towels, use a few more dry towels, as much as possible the moisture in the wig, and then use the wig steel comb to smooth the hair and put it in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

Do not expose to the sun, this must be remembered, so as not to damage the hair and affect the beauty of the wig. After the hair is completely dry, turn the wig over again to make the original hairstyle. You can also use the small windshield of the fan to shape it, which will increase the fluffy feeling of the wig.

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