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Which stage of hair loss do you belong to now?

whether you’re currently wearing a topper or you’re looking for a new one, in this article, we are going to show you the importance of identifying the stage of hair loss, and the area of coverage needed to find the correct topper.

So first thing we need to talk about is what is a topper. A topper is not a wig, sometimes they are referred to as half wigs or hairpieces things like that.

From the video you can see the basic composition of the topper, realistic scalp, the video of this hair topper is made of 100 percent real hair. Four hairpins can be fixed on your own hair. The entire hair topper will blend in perfectly with your own hair and create a fuller hairstyle. The cool thing about it is you can put your hair behind your ear, there are no ear tabs like you would have in an actual wig. They can come with lace fronts or without lace fronts. it all just depends on what you need for your particular hair loss. but they all have the same premise, they’re going to clip into your hair.

Every single time, the first step in finding the correct topper is identifying your saves of hair loss, your hair loss in the beginning, mid-process or advanced phase.

Next determine, the area of hair loss that needs coverage where’s your hair loss more prominent. Now we’re ready to measure, it’s important to start and stop your measurement in an area with a sufficient amount of hair.

What’s most important is that the area you’re clipping to can support the weight of the hair, and the base of the topper to avoid causing hair loss to your biological hair. Once you have established the area that needs coverage measure from front to back, then side to side write down the measurements, make sure you keep your measurements to track your hair loss in the future.

Then hair loss can be progressive, it is important that you record your measurements, and check the areas you’re clipping to ensure you are wearing the correct base size to not cause any damage or loss to your biological hair.

Once you have your stage area and measurements use the topper chart to determine which topper base size will give you the best coverage, your area of hair loss may change or shift. So it’s important to retake your measurements every six months, and record those measurements every time, choosing a topper may seem easy, but considering your stage of hair loss area of coverage needed, and the condition of your biological hair is important when choosing a base size measuring correctly will prevent the topper from shifting pulling or creating more hair loss for everything else, you need to know about toppers visit us at https://www.uniwigs.com/116-top-hairpieces

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