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Ombre Wigs: Everything You Need to Know

Luscious, healthy, and rich hair! Isn’t that what every woman wants?

You choose the perfect date night dress that hugs your curves, select the most appealing stilettos, put your eyeliner on fleek, and make sure that your makeup is on point. But you still aren’t looking like you wanted to. What’s the missing element that you desperately need? It’s your hair!

You need to set your hair perfectly for the night, and sometimes the straightener in your hand is just not enough! Luckily, that is where wigs come in handy. Why? Because they give you the INSTANT GLAM just like you want it!

What Is An Ombre Wig?

Searching through the type of wig to choose, you will see hundreds of wigs, each with its unique characteristics. Opting for a wig from all of these is not an easy thing. But what type of wigs give you the optimal and effortless glammed-up look?

Let us answer that question for you, and its ombre wigs! They are the talk of the town, and every girl absolutely adores them! They revamp your look with the gradient of colors that will give your hair an exciting twist. The best part? They are NEVER BORING!

An ombre wig is a type of wig that comes in two shades. The top of the wig (the roots) is of a different shade, and that shade blends into another shade as it reaches the end of the tips of the hair. This beautiful gradient touch adds volume to the hair and helps achieve a creative look for sure.

What Kind Of Wig Looks Most Natural?

Ladies! We all know what the biggest fear that we have regarding wigs is! It is the fear that they will look fake! And rocking a wig that looks like horsehair is a BIG NO!

What we need is a wig that looks natural, all real, human hair! Only then are we able to walk with confidence as the wind blows through the curls?

So what kind of wigs look the most natural? How can you make sure that your wig is unidentified? Let’s get to the bottom of it! Here are a few things that you should look for in a wig

Lace wig

Don’t let the scalp become a snitch! You need to find a wig that makes your scalp look authentic and all-natural. The problem with many wigs is that when you part your hair, it covers up the natural color and texture of the scalp, and it exposes your secret.

ALWAYS look for a lace wig. A lace wig is a wig that has hair hand-tied to attach to the lace in a manner that when you part your hair, it will look all-natural.

human hair wig

Another thing that becomes a snitch while using wigs is the texture of the hair. There are many wigs that, no matter how you try, look fake and uncanny.

The safest way to slay an ombre wig is by using a wig that is made up of human hair. The human hair is attached to the lace of the wig, and they are preset to avoid any hassle that may occur. After all, if the wig is made up of human hair, nobody can tell it apart!

Synthetic Wigs

If you are looking for wigs that do not need much care, synthetic wigs are the thing for you. The problem with human hair wigs is that they need extra care, and you need to set them every time. But as for synthetic hair wigs, they can become your go-to wig and, as we said before, INSTANT GLAM!

Just look for wigs that do not have that plastic shine. Take our advice and look for wigs made up of Kanekalon. It is much more durable and real-looking.

How Do You Bleach a Wig Ombre?

What if you do not have an ombre wig, but you have a set of wigs that looks all real? Well, you could either buy a new ombre wig or you can make yourself one at home! But what do you need to do to bleach a wig ombre? Do not worry; the answer to all your questions is right here:

First, you need to identify how much bleach is needed. If the color of your wig is black, you need to use more. And if the color is subtle, you can settle for less bleach. A good 10 to 20 ml is just enough.

Section out your hair! We cannot stress this enough. You need to section your hair to ensure a smooth application. Partition your hair and apply bleach to each part one by one. You only need to apply bleach to either the upper or lower part of the section. For better results, try wrapping each section with foil.

Wait for a good 20-50 min according to the intensity of the color. However, DO NOT GO OVER 60 min. The bleach can damage the hair if it is left for more extended periods.

Now that you have waited, wash the hair off and apply a toner that will cut off the yellowness in the hair and will even out the color to make it more subtle.

Lastly, condition the wig, dry it, and style it as your heart desires!

How Much Does a Good Wig Cost?

Honestly speaking, wigs can cost as cheap as you want and as expensive as you can reach. But what is the average price of a good wig? A standard quality full head wig can cost from $40 to anything near $200.

You need to know that the better the wig, the better you look. Try saving up for a wig and make sure you know what you are buying.

Which Brand Has The Best Wigs?

In a world of thousands of wig brands, how do you know which one is the best? Let us save you from the confusion and make our suggestion. Try using the collection by UniWigs. They have a wide range of categories, and you can find almost everything from there. And most importantly, they DO NOT compromise on quality.

With the best customer service and priority of quality, what are you waiting for? Go complete your date night look with a perfect wig from UniWigs.

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