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Should I Choose Hair Extensions Ponytail Human or Synthetic Hair?

Should I Choose Hair Extensions Ponytail Human or Synthetic Hair?

Hair extensions are pieces of hair that are added to the natural hair using several methods. With only a few bundles of hair, you can instantly transform the length, volume, and color of your hair into the look of your dreams. Hair extensions can help add length as well as fill out fine and thin hair. By using different types of hair extensions, you can have glamourous lengths and boost short styles. Hair extensions blend into the natural hair in several ways using different methods such as clips, tape-in, sew-ins, bonding, glue-in, and more.
Clip-in extensions are one of the easiest ways of installing great hair in just a few minutes. The hair extension wefts feature readily attached clips. You can easily put them on without the help of a hairstylist and are suitable for short-term use.
Sew-in extensions are a permanent extension style and one that offers the most seamless look. Sew-ins are great for women with thick hair because they require a lot of hair to cover it up. The natural hair is braided into a cornrow and the extensions are sewn in using a needle and a cotton thread.
Glued in or bonded hair extensions are bonded to the hair by using a special glue known as Keratin. This is a popular choice because it gives a very natural look and highly durable if well taken care of.
Tape in are extensions that come in two adhesive-bonded strips and are installed by attaching the extension to the root of the natural hair. They are thin, lightweight, and look very natural. This type of extension is best suited for women with thin or fine hair. They can be removed and re-used.
Hair extensions come in two types of hair and they are human hair extensions and synthetic. Human hair extensions are just what the name sounds like. They are extensions that are made out of real human hair. Synthetic hair extension is made out of various synthetic fibers and contains no human hair. These fibers are usually very fine plastic fibers that are made to look just like real hair. The most noticeable difference between these two is of course the price. Human hair extensions cost more than synthetic hair extensions.

Below is the difference between both types of hair extensions.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Some people prefer to buy synthetic hair extensions because of the cost. As this hair is synthetic and made from artificial fibers, they cost only a fraction of the cost of human hair extensions. The good thing about synthetic hair extensions is that they are resistant to humidity. This means that the style of the hair will not be affected by the weather compared to natural hair which may turn frizzy. The synthetic hair extension will hold its preset style and has a brilliant shine. It is also a lot easier to take care of this type of hair extension. As synthetic hair does not turn oily like natural hair, there is no need to wash them as often.  Therefore the hair will last longer. For those who choose to wear synthetic hair extensions daily, the average durability is around 3 months. Synthetic hair extensions are sensitive to the sun, not very easy to style and blend with natural hair. They sometimes have a  coarse feel to the touch. As such they do not have the same lifespan as human hair extensions.

Human Hair Extensions

The biggest benefit of wearing human hair extensions is the natural look it exudes.  This real hair looks and feels real and therefore blends more naturally with your hair.  This is of course the fact because the extension comes from a human head of hair.  This means that the texture, feel and color are exactly like natural hair and are very seamless. Another reason why human hair resistance is a popular choice is that it is heat resistant. You can use any flat iron or curling iron to style the hair and do remember to use a heat protectant to protect the hair. This type of hair extension is great for those who want to change up their style. Apart from that, human hair extensions are also very versatile. Most often the human hair extensions come pre-colored but they can be colored according to the shades you like. Basically, you can definitely make your hair goals come true. 
Hair extensions whether real hair or synthetic can be cut into any style you like but of course, human hair extensions are better for styles such as layers or bangs. Both types of extensions come in many styles and colors. If you have short hair and would love to rock a fake ponytail, you can do so with a hair extensions ponytail. As you know, the ponytail is a hair trend that never goes out of style and it just keeps evolving.  Having your hair up into a ponytail is an effortless and quick way to look polished and put together.

You can also go for variants like sleek high ponytail, multi-braided ponytail, or wrap around ponytail using ponytail extensions wrap around. Another style is to turn the ponytail into a topknot. Getting back to the choice between synthetic and real human hair extensions, everyone has to weigh the pros and cons of the two when purchasing the extensions. We hope the above tips will help you to decide which would be a good choice for your next purchase of ponytail extensions.

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